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What are the negative effects of IV hydration and vitamin trend among celebrities?

What are the negative effects of IV hydration and vitamin trend among celebrities

Are you curious about IV hydration and vitamins? It has been one of the latest trends among celebrities right now. IV therapy completely absorbs vital vitamins and minerals facilitated by intravenous hydration. 

Numerous factors inhibit the absorption of nutrients when they are consumed orally. This may include metabolism, genetics, age, and health issues. If you’d like to know more about IV hydration and its effects, stay tuned with us here in this post. 

What is IV Hydration?

For us to know whether IV Hydration is good — or wrong. Let’s try to see what it’s all about first. With IV hydration, all the vitamins and minerals you need are taken in. If you take nutrients by mouth, different things can make it harder for your body to absorb them. 

These things include metabolism, genes, age, and health problems. With this treatment, the solution is injected directly into the area that needs it. It then gets absorbed by your bloodstream, giving you the most vitamins and minerals possible. You can improve your health and immunity by getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

Lush Skin Aesthetics infusions contain vitamin B12, C, and D3. Some of our other inputs have antioxidants and amino acids in them. We’ll fix dehydration, clean your tissues, boost your immune system, and make your skin look better.

What can you gain from this treatment?

Among the benefits of this treatment are:

  • The most effective way to get nutrients into your system
  • Nutrients are used by cells.
  • Gives you high doses of vitamins in a safe manner.
  • Improves the health of your immune system, which keeps you from getting sick.
  • This slows down the effects of getting older. Gives you more energy.

But apart from these advantages, some do not recommend IV hydration because of its adverse effects. What could these be? 

Why is IV Hydration Trendy?

These IV treatments aren’t new; they’ve been used in hospitals to help patients rehydrate or make up for nutrient deficiencies. However, they’ve become popular because they’re a quick fix available to everyone. 

In many cities, companies have opened physical clinics. Others offer “concierge” services, bringing needles and infusions right to a client’s home or office.

IV drips have also become more popular because celebrities like them. Chrissy Teigen posted a picture of herself getting a drip on Instagram; Ariana Grande said that drips were part of her treatment plan when she had to cancel a concert in November 2019. Adele is said to get a $220 mixture to keep her vocal cords healthy. 

Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, John Legend, Jane Fonda, Cindy Crawford, Simon Cowell, and Real Housewife Lisa Rinna are among the other stars who are said to have joined the trend.

Does This Treatment Work?

The idea behind both IV hydration therapy and IV vitamin therapy is that giving your body specially made cocktails of nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and sometimes even medications through an IV can help replenish, restore, and detoxify your body faster than, say, drinking water, eating healthy, or taking a pill by mouth.

Experts say that these drips aren’t FDA-approved, which means that there’s no clinically-validated study showing that IV hydration therapy and/or IV vitamin therapy really help you. But still, if it isn’t practical, why are celebrities trying this?

Why Do Celebrities Get IV Hydration?

Vitamin IV can help in many ways, so each celebrity’s reason for getting one differs. Most of the time, stars like this procedure because the vitamin IV drip can help the following: 

Increased immunity

Celebrities have busy lives, including touring, acting, press conferences, and red carpet appearances. If they get sick, it can mess up events that have been carefully planned. So, many famous people get vitamin IV drips to boost their immune systems and stay healthy.

Weight loss

Weight loss IV drips help celebrities control their vitamin levels, fight fatigue, and speed up their metabolism so they have the energy to work out and lose weight for roles or events. 

Vitamins and minerals in these drips also help people recover faster after a hard workout. Besides, celebrities are always in the spotlight, so they want to ensure that their skin and hair look their best. Vitamins and minerals in beauty IV drips help keep the skin clear and glowing.

Stay away From Hangovers.

Those big A-list parties can easily cause hangovers and all the bad things that come with them. IV drips can help with loss of appetite, feeling sick, and headaches. This allows celebrities to feel better and get better faster.

Safety & Risk

IV therapy is a standard procedure done in a clinical setting and is very safe. Most importantly, it is given by experts in a medical-grade building. On the other hand, the IV drips at boutique IV therapy places aren’t FDA-approved. They aren’t shown in a hospital or infusion center. 

Also, some say these businesses aren’t regulated well enough, depending on who you ask. And rules are essential because IV therapy can have risks.

Getting an IV can cause minor side effects like pain, swelling, and scarring at the IV site. A person can also get an infection. IV therapy is a medical procedure, so it begs the question: if you’re healthy, are these IV drips really worth the risks?

So, compared to drinking lots of water (or even a sports drink) and eating a healthy diet, the price of a boutique IV drip makes you worry about your safety and your wallet.

IV Hydration – Worth it or Not?

When vitamins are given through an IV, they get into the blood faster than when taken by mouth. Even though IV drips have risks and there isn’t much evidence to back them up, it’s still up on you. 

To know whether you are the right fit for IV Hydration, consult a doctor and get evaluated. You can ask and book an appointment with our doctors and staff here at Lush Skin Aesthetics. Get to know more about IV Hydration and vitamins one-on-one with us. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, and let us help you with your goal. 


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